What are some simple tips to get your accessories organized?

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Being an accessories junkie is a common affliction. If you face this problem, you may also face an organization problem. Without the right storage system, any sizable assortment of "daily dressings" (jewelry, belts, scarves and sunglasses) can tend to get jumbled beyond recognition. But there's hope to get your accessories organized. Follow any of these eight tips, and you'll be saying "so long" to tangled necklaces, missing earrings, wrinkled scarves and scratched sunglasses in no time.

On a Limb

Add a little architectural interest -- and have a handy place to hang your jewelry -- with a nature-inspired branch vase. Simply anchor a branch or two in a vase with pebbles or sand. If the branches are too heavy once dressed in jewelry, head to your home supply store and pour a small amount of cement mix in the vase around the base of the branch for a permanent anchor.

Go for Bust

A decorative bust serves as a beautiful statue on a bureau, but it can serve a useful purpose too. Dress a bust with your everyday necklaces to keep them at a quick-and-easy grab. It's extra storage for your favorite pieces but looks pretty too!

One Lump or Two?

Here's a new use for pretty orphaned tea cups and saucers: Hang earrings from teacup edges, and separate rings, bracelets and necklaces to keep them at a quick reach as you're rushing out the door. You can easily find some display-worthy options by scouring local thrift stores or vintage shops.

You've Been Pegged

Peg boards are good for more than just tool organizing. Hang one (or two!) in your closet -- it's a perfect place to hang belts, keep sunglasses from getting scratched, organize everyday sundries and generally get your accessories organized with minimal effort.

Hide and Seek

Pegboards work great for keeping long necklaces untangled too. Organize necklaces on pegboards hung on a wall near your closet or dressing area. Conceal the boards with pretty drapery if you would prefer to keep clutter out of sight.

Get a Hold On It

Wall-mounted paper towel holders may be designed for the kitchen, but they can find a handy use in your closet too. Attach one (or two!) to the inside of closet doors and hang scarves to keep them wrinkle free. It's a great spot for belts too.

Tiny Baubles

Earring studs and rings often get lost in the abyss of the jewelry drawer. Instead, gather a collection of small ring boxes and label each with its contents. Place them all in a pretty box atop your dresser to keep the mess out of sight but your accessories within quick reach. Scour local vintage shops for a mix-match assortment of boxes.

Get Hooked

Do your belts constantly get jumbled, twisted and (the fabric ones) wrinkled? All you need is a little extra hanging space, a wood hanger and some hardware-store-bought hooks to create this belt hanger. You could even turn the wood so it's parallel with your clothes if hanging space is extra tight.

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